Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Washi Explosion

Can anyone ever have to many washi tape? The ultimate answer is NO.
If you're anything like me, then you're addicted to washi tape. 

This week, I posted up on Instagram that there would be exciting news for my shop. Yesterday, my package arrived so I posted up that it'd be going up today. They could guess away and I'd give the one who guessed it a prize. 

Well this girl @keyloveswashi was the closest to what it was. She just kept on guessing and guessing. There were some good guesses. Someone even said that I was collaborating with another shop for something great. I WISH! I don't think I'm there yet on the totem pole. (Is that how you use that phrase?

I posted up 15 different washi tapes in my Etsy shop last night. 
Feel free to check them out. All priced at $3 expect for the very thin washi tape, which is priced at $1.75. 

Use code - WASHI2015
Spend $25 or more and get $3 off.
expires May 1, 2015

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