Thursday, April 16, 2015

Introducing MunchPak

I love getting subscription boxes. It's basically my happy mail when I'm not getting snail mail. I just received an email about a subscription box that I never heard of. 

This subscription service offers an assortment of snacks from around the world. Delivered to your house, dorm room or office as often as you would like. 

How it works! 

1. Choose your MunchPak size. 

- MunchPak Mini - $9.95, gets you 5+ full size snacks.
- Original MunchPak - $19.95, gets you 10+ full size snacks.
- FamilyPak - $39.95, you get 20+ full size snacks.
Free shipping on all. Shipped within 72 hours after order is processed and payment received. Allow up to 5 business days if you decide to customize you MunchPak. They ship worldwide! 

2. Pick your delivery schedule.

- Once a week
- Every 2 weeks
- Once a month

3. Optional to customize your package, you can select your preferred and non-preferred snack types. Custom options are $1 each per delivery. They have snack types such as, crunchy, spicy, seafood, meat, candy, gummy, etc. 
You can also choose a drink option at $5 each, coffee or tea.

4. CHECKOUT time.

My opinion - 
It sounds like an awesome idea. So much of a good idea that I'm willing to try it out and do a review for you all. It sounds promising enough. 

I chose to receive the original MunchPak once a month. No customization! 
When it arrives, I'll post up what it looks like and another after I and/or some of my family/co-workers have tried it. Let's be honest, I won't be tasting all 10+ snacks in one sitting...or would I?
Wait and find out. :)

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