Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lip Monthly April 2015

Lip monthly is a subscription box that is focused around lip products. You can discover ones you never knew about. Its just $10/month. 

I recently signed up for the 3 month subscription. This is my 1st month to receive the bag. It wasn't completely lip products. The packaging is cute, gold packaging. The little makeup bag is cute, reminds me of ipsy. 

Here's what the detailed card looks like front and back. You can see what's included in the bag below and what the retail value of $37.99. 

LA Girl (GLC540 Last Night) - Full size lipstick $4

It's a pretty pink. Definitely something I would buy on my own. My lipstick go to color is pink. Its a creme lipstick. You can see a swatch of the lipstick on my hand below.  

City Color BE MATTE Lipstick (M26 Cammi) - Full Size $4.99

Usually I'd be hesitant but after swatching it on my hand, it looks pretty. I like that its matte. I'll be wearing this lipstick. 

Cargo (anguilla) - travel size with the same amount of product glass - $16
I'm on the fence with this color, looks really pale pink. It's supposed to contain the same amount of product as a regular sized package. They say it is great when layered with other pinks. Not anxious to try it out but I will. If I don't like it, I'll just give it to my best friend. Not everyone will get this color. 

MMU - Ofra Eyebrow Pencil - $13 
Odd one out. Wasn't expecting this and I'm not planning on using this either. I'll probably give it to a friend or co-worker. 

Below are swatches of the lip colors as listed above:

Not too thrilled with the Cargo lip glass but I'm willing to try it out. 
Anticipating next month, which will be the factor in deciding whether I'll keep going or not. 

They did charge me $40 by accident but they caught the mistake and and sent me an email and returned my money. 

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