Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dottiebox: Spring Fling

Dottiebox has decided to have its very first Instagram swap. The theme is Spring Fling, all things pretty and spring-y are welcome. 

I had to jump on it, even though I had bad experience with a previous swap I did, where I didn't even get all I was supposed to get, just 1/7th of the swap. It was a bad experience but what can you do.

Dottiebox did have me secure my spot in the swap with a $4 non-refundable fee. Meaning you can't get it back if you don't receive your package, for which they have angels for. One of their requirements are that whoever is participating MUST email them the tracking number by May 11th. Great thinking. 

They have already sent the partners out. The package has to have a value of $15-$25.

My person lives in Ohio. I'm already thinking of ideas for her based on her loves. One just popped into my idea for my tea lover. I can't wait to put this package together. Hopefully make a new friend too! 

Can't wait to see what she has in store for me. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Try the World

Don't you adore subscription boxes?
I do, I do, I do-ooo-ooooo. 
(Kenan & Kel reference, for those of you who don't know.)

I would love to have the ones I'm interested in delivered to my doorstep. However, I can't afford them all and my mom would kill me with all the boxes I would get. I don't have cats to play with the boxes seeing as my dogs could care less. 

On to the point...

I do love when they offer specials because I'll sign up, even if its just for one month. I'll cancel soon after most times. I'll keep a list of which ones were a bust for me and which ones were a "yes!" 

So you know I had to jump on this FREE TRIAL offer for Try the world! All you had to pay was the $5 shipping. That's a score either way. 
Note: If you do not cancel, it auto renews your bi-monthly subscription after 30 days. Free to cancel at any time. 

Here's an insight to Try the World subscription box...

It is bi-monthly and costs $39 a box. It lets you try products from around the world without leaving your house! They have a team of local experts and travelers who curate the products. The products represent each country/city, the first box starts in Paris. The boxes travel for you basically, going to other places, bringing you goodies to your doorstep. If you want to get technical, you do leave your house to go to wherever your mailman drops your package. ;) 

If it arrives before Mother's Day, I'll make a basket for my momma with some of the items and other goodies. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lip Monthly April 2015

Lip monthly is a subscription box that is focused around lip products. You can discover ones you never knew about. Its just $10/month. 

I recently signed up for the 3 month subscription. This is my 1st month to receive the bag. It wasn't completely lip products. The packaging is cute, gold packaging. The little makeup bag is cute, reminds me of ipsy. 

Here's what the detailed card looks like front and back. You can see what's included in the bag below and what the retail value of $37.99. 

LA Girl (GLC540 Last Night) - Full size lipstick $4

It's a pretty pink. Definitely something I would buy on my own. My lipstick go to color is pink. Its a creme lipstick. You can see a swatch of the lipstick on my hand below.  

City Color BE MATTE Lipstick (M26 Cammi) - Full Size $4.99

Usually I'd be hesitant but after swatching it on my hand, it looks pretty. I like that its matte. I'll be wearing this lipstick. 

Cargo (anguilla) - travel size with the same amount of product glass - $16
I'm on the fence with this color, looks really pale pink. It's supposed to contain the same amount of product as a regular sized package. They say it is great when layered with other pinks. Not anxious to try it out but I will. If I don't like it, I'll just give it to my best friend. Not everyone will get this color. 

MMU - Ofra Eyebrow Pencil - $13 
Odd one out. Wasn't expecting this and I'm not planning on using this either. I'll probably give it to a friend or co-worker. 

Below are swatches of the lip colors as listed above:

Not too thrilled with the Cargo lip glass but I'm willing to try it out. 
Anticipating next month, which will be the factor in deciding whether I'll keep going or not. 

They did charge me $40 by accident but they caught the mistake and and sent me an email and returned my money. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Just Do It!

I've gained weight, I was in denial for a while. I decided it was time to admit it to myself and blog about it. I was doing great then I turned 25 and went out partying. I stopped going to the gym and stopped training, I got lazy. I was drinking every week and eating out with friends every other weekend. I've been getting fatty, greasy, non healthy food for lunch at work. 

I hate myself for that but I know I can bounce back if I just put my mind to it. 

It's time to climb the high wall I hit back in December. 
Dodge the obstacles that will try and stop me and just stay focused.
I decided I should start slow BUT at a steady pace.

On Wednesdays, we detox! Well I do. I always wanted to detox, me and my friend decided to do it. She couldn't do it alongside me so she'll wait but I'm doing the 2 day juice detoxing. Wednesday-Friday. 

I spoke to the wonderful mastermind behind Gina's Juices. I sent her an email and then a text, I figured that would be quicker. I was right. She texted me back about the 3 day detox. 

The detox would have you drinking 4 juices a day. The flavors are pina colada, healthy mimosas, mojito madness and heart beet. You get 3 of each flavor. Total of 12 juices for $70. 

Depending on if you workout or not, she recommends a meal. If not, then snacks such as fruits and raw veggies. 

I'll be taking pictures of the juices after I pick it up on Tuesday. EEEEEEK! I am definitely excited, I've also been looking into getting the T25. & going back to the gym and working out home whenever I can't get to the gym. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Introducing MunchPak

I love getting subscription boxes. It's basically my happy mail when I'm not getting snail mail. I just received an email about a subscription box that I never heard of. 

This subscription service offers an assortment of snacks from around the world. Delivered to your house, dorm room or office as often as you would like. 

How it works! 

1. Choose your MunchPak size. 

- MunchPak Mini - $9.95, gets you 5+ full size snacks.
- Original MunchPak - $19.95, gets you 10+ full size snacks.
- FamilyPak - $39.95, you get 20+ full size snacks.
Free shipping on all. Shipped within 72 hours after order is processed and payment received. Allow up to 5 business days if you decide to customize you MunchPak. They ship worldwide! 

2. Pick your delivery schedule.

- Once a week
- Every 2 weeks
- Once a month

3. Optional to customize your package, you can select your preferred and non-preferred snack types. Custom options are $1 each per delivery. They have snack types such as, crunchy, spicy, seafood, meat, candy, gummy, etc. 
You can also choose a drink option at $5 each, coffee or tea.

4. CHECKOUT time.

My opinion - 
It sounds like an awesome idea. So much of a good idea that I'm willing to try it out and do a review for you all. It sounds promising enough. 

I chose to receive the original MunchPak once a month. No customization! 
When it arrives, I'll post up what it looks like and another after I and/or some of my family/co-workers have tried it. Let's be honest, I won't be tasting all 10+ snacks in one sitting...or would I?
Wait and find out. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Washi Explosion

Can anyone ever have to many washi tape? The ultimate answer is NO.
If you're anything like me, then you're addicted to washi tape. 

This week, I posted up on Instagram that there would be exciting news for my shop. Yesterday, my package arrived so I posted up that it'd be going up today. They could guess away and I'd give the one who guessed it a prize. 

Well this girl @keyloveswashi was the closest to what it was. She just kept on guessing and guessing. There were some good guesses. Someone even said that I was collaborating with another shop for something great. I WISH! I don't think I'm there yet on the totem pole. (Is that how you use that phrase?

I posted up 15 different washi tapes in my Etsy shop last night. 
Feel free to check them out. All priced at $3 expect for the very thin washi tape, which is priced at $1.75. 

Use code - WASHI2015
Spend $25 or more and get $3 off.
expires May 1, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Confused much?

Here in New Jersey, we are ready for the summer, at least I am. Since Mother Nature is not sure about the season and apparently spring needs to feel like winter. My immune system hates me and Mother Nature, so now I'm sick. :( 

Hopefully, it begins to look and feel a lot like spring. Temperature has started to go up lately but I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped, nor would I appreciate it.