Friday, March 20, 2015

Ipsy March 2015: Floral Fantasy

A few days ago, I received my 1st Ipsy bag in years. I remember when Ipsy first came out and young me wanted to try it out. However, since I was inexperienced with makeup and I wasn't up for the challenge. So I just cancelled the subscription. 

Ipsy is created by the fabulous YouTuber, Michelle Phan. Its just $10/month. Michelle and a group of stylists pick out items great for you. There is a style quiz you may take before signing up.

The theme this month is Floral Fantasy, hence why the bag is all swagged out in colorful colors and flowers. Its lovely. I would use this to hold something I own, I'm sure I'll find a use for it. This may be one of the reasons why I like reading reviews & seeing people get their Ipsy bags, just to see what design is up. 
The only con that I'd say, unlike Birchbox, there is no detailed card about the product. You'll have to go onto the website or Google the product. 

(sorry about the flash)

I usually use their matte lipsticks or their matte lip creams but I'm open to try others. I've seen the butter lipsticks but never bothered to try them. When I first opened my bag, I saw that the NYX lipstick was not sealed and I found that strange but it seems no one's was sealed. Seeing other people's bags, I noticed different people received different colors. Even though I would of liked the purple or pink color that some people may have received. I'm glad I received this color though, its kind of like a nude. It's called Pops Explosif(BLS17).  I been wearing it for the past 2 days. LOVE IT! 
This lipstick sells for $5.99

A glow oil treatment for shiny, hydrated hair. I haven't used it yet but I'll probably give to mom so she can use it. She's more prone to wash her hair before me. It can be used on wet or dry hair. I never heard of this brand either so I am intrigued but I'm hesitant that it'll do anything. It won't hurt to try.
A regular size will cost you $29.95. 

This multipurpose Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil shall be interesting. I never tried anything like this before. It can be used to highlight a beautiful smile, brighten or visibly lift your eyes and other uses. 
This neutral pencil will cost you just $18.

I don't use concealer but I'll find another use for this brush.

This mineral duo is something I'm not familiar with but I'm willing to try it. 

This month's bag left me with a product I love and products that I'm willing to try. So win win, in the end. So far, I will not be cancelling this month. 
What will April bring?

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