Monday, March 2, 2015

Birchbox: February 2015

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that only costs $10/month. 

I signed up for Birchbox back in 2011, back when I first heard of subscription boxes. I loved getting beauty samples because it was introducing me to brands that I wouldn't normally look at. I eventually opted out of the subscription because I was not wearing makeup, nor did I know how to properly apply it. I still don't really know how to apply eyeshadow. I only use lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. As for foundation, I'm looking for the right one.

I introduce to you, the Birchbox of February 2015. 
Here is the detailed card on everything that can be found in the box. 

They also included 2 cards with coupons. 
One for Rent The Runway, which will give me $30 off a $75 purchase. Sounds interesting, I'll check it out. If I find I'm not interested, I'll mail it to a pen pal.
The other was for benefit cosmetics but it has expired. 

The contents are...

I'll start off with my favorite first and end with what I could care less about. 

My favorite item is this hand cream from the brand Tocca. I love it and may have to purchase the full size after I run out. Full size is about $10-$20, which is not that bad of a price. Its a grapefruit and cucumber lotion and the absorption is crazy good. 

Second favorite is the Beauty Protector 'Protect & Detangle'. It smells great, the full size price is $21.95. The scent is addictive, they did warn me but I didn't listen.  It's supposed to lock in color, protect from heat damage and adds silkiness. May have to purchase this as well and the packaging is the cutest.

BeeKind Shampoo, I haven't tried it yet. The full size will put a $16 dent in your pocket. Its made with honey extract, which makes this cleanser leave your hair soft and shiny. I'm intrigued to try it.

This Cynthia Rowley lip stain-Poppy. It should be down my alley but its not a color I like. I've been into matte lip colors lately. So I'll just give this to my mom because its more like her. 

Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40, an oil-free mineral sunscreen. 
I'll be willing to try it but not as happy. I though this was a fragrance sample because of the packaging.

I'm curious as what March holds for me, I'm also getting Ipsy for March too. So I will be comparing in a video for it to be shorter than a blog post. 

Check out Birchbox here.

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