Monday, March 2, 2015

30 Day Coloring Challenge

I decided to joining the 30 day Coloring challenge. I've always wanted to do monthly challenges but could never finish them. Thinking about it, none of them seemed to interest me enough to finish it but I vow to finish this one. 

I came across Kathy's instagram earlier today and I thought it'd be perfect to do. Not only will it boost up my creativity, I can hopefully know how to use my watercolors better and other forms for coloring. 

I will be sharing via Instagram and my tumblr. As for my sharing on my blog, I will be rounding up the week's daily pieces and sharing on Sunday evening. 

If you were to participate via Instagram, you have to use the hashtag, #thedailymarker30day so she can find you. For sharing via blog, you could use an InkLink tool. She will share that tool on her Day One post. No hashtag needed for sharing via blog.

The goal as stated on her blog, to color something everyday no matter what is happening. She wants to show us that to create something pretty, we don't need to go the expensive route. 

Are you ready to join this colorful journey? 
See you on Sunday, the 8th. 

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