Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mini Michael's Haul

Hello, my name is Karina and I admit that I am addicted to Michael's, the craft store.

First step is admitting it. Second step is Show and Tell! I didn't do much damage today, I only purchased 5 items and that's between two stores. That's actually surprising even for me! 
I just saw a couple DIY's on Pinterest and I felt inspired to buy some black oven-bake clay. We'll see how this plays out, it shall be interesting. 
I also purchase the watercolor set, it was only $4.99. I thought that was a deal and I've been wanting to try writing quotes or some craft with this set. 

 Project Life! Glitter is IN! I bought this on clearance for only $3.75. Originally $14.99. It was only on clearance because it was missing the (24) 3"x 4" glitter cards. I took that as a deal because all that mattered were the other 24 4"x 6"  cards, so I'm happy. 

Lastly, when I went with my mom to get some Chipotle, I had to stop at Michael's which was a couple stores away. I picked 2 refill cartridges for my mega runner. 

I wanted to purchase a heat embossing tool but there were 3 different ones to choose from. I didn't know which one to pick so I'll check online to see which one is great. 

Any one have suggestions on which heat embossing tool to go for? 
What's your favorite craft store? 

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